Vending Machine Trend: Healthy Offerings

It’s no surprise that modern vending customers are demanding different choices in their snacks than previous years or decades; every industry goes through peaks and valleys of interests. However, where vending machines had been historically seen as a source of less nutritionally or gastronomically fulfilling options, current vending machine distributors are seeing a dramatic shift towards fresh, healthy, and nourishing treats.  But what are the specifics of these new, more beneficial, offerings and what does that mean in regards to vending machine distributors?

For a vending machine distributor, it is important to understand that, while mints and gums–and even a few sweet snacks–should always be offered, more and more buyers are looking for foods that at the very least purport to be healthy. At the same time, the definition of healthful continues to broaden based on each consumer’s individual needs and concerns, allowing for vending machine distributors to carry a wide array of beneficial and attractive offerings.

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Posted on: Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 at 7:18 pm

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