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Automatic Ticket Vending Machine in Coimbatore Junction in India to Replace Long Lines For Ticket Purchasing

Vending machines are no longer just a way to get a quick bite to eat on your break at work or in between classes at school. Thanks to the rapid pace at which technology continues to advance, they’re actually turning into valuable solutions for society’s modern woes that people just can’t live without. Case in […]

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U-Select-It Welcomes Alejandro Castillo

March 12, 2015-Des Moines, IA – U-Select-It welcomes Alejandro (Alex) Castillo to our team as USI, Latin American Technical Service Manager.  With 25+ years of experience working with USI and other brands in Mexico, as a customer (Secic, AutoMercadeo/Kiosko) and contract support person.  Alex has been utilizing his Electronic Engineering background and education recently working […]

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As recent as this quarter there are now several models of vending machines that have achieved ‘INMETRO’ for sales in Brazil. INMETRO is short for “Instituto Nacional de Metrologia”, “Normalização e Qualidade Industrial”, or “National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology.” This institute is accredited by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade and cooperates […]

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