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Ban on Cigarette Vending Machines?

The United Kingdom Department of Health has employed a good number of anti-smoking strategies to help more people quit the unhealthy habit. A cigarette vending machine ban is the most recent attempt targeted specifically at preventing young people from illegally buying cigarettes. The idea is that children and teens have unsupervised access to vending machines […]

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Are e-Cigarette Vending Machines on the Rise?

Cigs are out and vapor is in, but do customers access e-cigarettes? One convenient way is with e-cigarette vending machines. In May 2014, Vaporin, Inc. – a marketer and distributor of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids and e-hookah products – announced the company’s first ever vending machines made to conveniently distribute these products. The unique vending innovation […]

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