Finding The Most Profitable Locations For Vending Machines


The fundamentals of business tell us that maximizing profit stems directly from maximizing value for your customer. Value can be delivered in a myriad of ways, location being one of them. You want to make sure your vending machines are in a location that are able to drive value for your customer, therefore driving profit for your business.

Location will vary on each business owner, and the nature of your business. Whether you are supplying vending machines for a school, a gym, a emergency medical facility, or gas station, location is relevant across all channels. Here we have 3 tips, with supporting questions to ask yourself, to help you determine where to place your vending machines to maximize profits:

Define your goals

How much do you want to sell each month from your vending machines?

What types of products do you want to sell?

Are you selling what your customer demands?

Create a strategy

Define who is your target market.

What type of daily activities does your customer engage in while on your premises?

Where does the most foot traffic happen?

Are your machines accessible to everyone?

Analyze your results

Test different locations for your vending machines.

Compare results of 3 month periods.

Where were your vending machines performing the best?

Based on the results of your location scouting, nurture the results. If you noticed that your machines are performing better when they are placed in a shadier spot out of direct sunlight, nurture that finding by placing more vending machines in easily accessible yet comfortable spots for people. If you noticed that the machines placed by picnic tables perform better than machines without seating, nurture those findings by making the seating areas more accessible.

Ultimately, testing what is best for your particular location is critical to maximizing the value for your customer, and ultimately maximizing your bottom line. As a leading expert, and with over 80 years experience as a vending machine distributor, we are here to help you! For more information about some of the exciting new vending options available, visit our website or blog!


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2016 Allied Member Of The Year: U-Select-It Chairman Art Wittern

art wittern

This year, the National Automatic Merchandising Association has chosen Art Wittern, Chairman of U-Select-It, a premier vending machine distributor,  as Allied Member of the Year. The award ceremony was held at the NAMA Industry Awards in April. What did it take to be honored as Member of the Year?

Art Wittern embodies all the best qualities in any industry, and the vending machine distributor field is fortunate to have his energy and knowledge at hand. For all the latest news about Art Wittern and U-Select-It, visit our blog. See the video here!

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The Benefits of Traditional Vending over Micro Markets

‘Micro market’ seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips. They are increasingly being seen alongside more familiar vending setups. However, micro markets have significant drawbacks as compared to traditional vending, which are often overlooked by inexperienced vending machine distributors. These disadvantages can mean significant market and financial losses.

The major developments in traditional vending machines, allowing for fresh, varied, and exciting product offerings all far outweigh the perceived benefits and increased costs of micro markets. For more information about some of the exciting new vending options available, visit our website or blog!

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Pepsi’s Food for Good Initiative – Pilot Vending Machine


Thanks to a collaboration between PepsiCo’s Food for Good and vending machine distributor, U-Select-It (USI), fighting to end child hunger just got a bit more feasible. With the help of Food for Good, this new initiative will be placing USI’s vending machines in Texas to provide balanced meals to children in low income families who might not be getting all the meals they should be eating.

It may seem odd, but vending machines stock more than snacks or energy drink, with USI teaming up with Food for Good the result will be life changing for struggling families. Working hand in hand with the Texas Hunger Initiative, Share our Strength, and Valley Nature Center, USI’s and Food for Good’s program can help a hungry child receive free breakfast and lunch. The vending machine will dispense a healthy meal via a code that can be inputted into these machines. If a family is a part of any public school district and qualifies for the free breakfast and lunch programs then they also qualify to take part in the Food for Good initiative.

With every Food for Good machine having the capability to feed up to 144 children a day, this amazing program has the ability to change lives for the better. U-Select-It’s vending machines are class-leading machines backed by over 30 years experience in the industry.

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The NAMA Coffee, Tea, & Water Show

Looking for new products to add to your vending machines?

Look no further than the NAMA Coffee, Tea, & Water Show for a chance into a peek of the future of the coffee, tea, and water business on November 8 to 10. This three day event will take place in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Conference Center. Not only will there be numerous vending machine distributors and suppliers for opportunities to make high-class connections with, this event will also be offering chances to learn more on small business management, workplace cafés, and, of course, the coffee, tea, and water industry.

There will also be an entire day (Thursday, Nov. 10) devoted to exploring how to enhance the coffee service businesses via trends in workplace cafés.

With up to 4.25 billion dollars dedicated to the US coffee services industry, the NAMA Coffee, Tea, & Water Show is the world’s largest coffee service event. With chances to see upcoming trends that will shape the future of the coffee, tea, and water business, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would pass up on an opportunity like this one.

Register today to ensure that you won’t miss out on such an incredible event like this one. Don’t forget to check out our array of vending machines

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The Next Generation of Snack Merchandisers

Let us introduce the The Next Generation of U-Select-It Snack Merchandisers: The Evoke 5


Enjoy adjustable snack & candy selections, which are configurable to almost any package size for greater merchandising flexibility.

Thousands of products are now becoming ADA Compliant, with the Evoke 5 you get ergonomic controls, payment systems and delivery methods that conform to ADA guidelines.

Technology at your fingertips. You get the option of a 10” touch screen interface. The 10 inch full-color capacitive touch screen provides customers with a shopping native cart purchase experience including product calorie information.

The Enhanced iVend10 sensor system keeps customers satisfied and reduces service calls for misloaded product. Calls to the vending machine tech will be few and far between with this smart technology.

However you look at it, the Evoke 5 is a modern piece of engineering that encapsulates the forefront of our industry. Get in contact with us today to see if the Evoke 5 is a good fit for your location!

Backed by over 80 years of manufacturing and serving vending products, USelectIt currently stands as one of the most reliable names in the business. From snacks and sodas to lattes and cappuccinos, our vending machines for sale will leave an impression on your customers and keep them coming back. No matter what you would like to vend, we have an industry-leading machine for you.

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How Much Caffeine Is In Coffee and Soda?


As a vending machine operator, you’re most likely vending enough caffeine to keep an army of grown adults awake for days. You’ve also most likely have thought about how that caffeine is affecting your customers. According to the Mayo Clinic, healthy adults should not consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine in a day. That equals about 4 cups of coffee, 10 cans of soda, or 2 energy drinks. Anymore than that and you might be prone to the following side effects:

Caffeine In Coffee

Caffeine In Soft Drinks

Although caffeine use may be safe for adults, it’s not a good idea for children. And adolescents should limit themselves to no more than 100 mg of caffeine a day.

Even among adults, heavy caffeine use can cause unpleasant side effects. And caffeine may not be a good choice for people who are highly sensitive to its effects or who take certain medications. However, caffeine in moderate amounts, such as those in your vending machines, can be managed by most adults. Another option is to offer teas that are herbal, which do not contain caffeine.

Backed by over 80 years of manufacturing and serving vending products, USelectIt currently stands as one of the most reliable names in the business. From snacks and sodas to lattes and cappuccinos, our vending machines for sale will leave an impression on your customers and keep them coming back. No matter what you would like to vend, we have an industry-leading machine for you.

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Vending Machines and Bitcoin: The Next Wave?


What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

A vending machine accepting this cryptocurrency sprung up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Perhaps as an ironic twist of it accepting Bitcoin, the vending machine only sells Soylent.

Are Bitcoin-accepting vending machines in our foreseeable future?

While MIT is not pioneering the Bitcoin-accepting vending machine frontier, it is an early adapter. Some of the first Bitcoin-accepting vending machines were spotted in 2012.

Chris Smolen, founder of Utica-based Upstate Networks created a  Bitcoin-accepting vending machine. Smolen said: “I thought it could be as big as email in terms of the advent of the Internet,” further explaining: “Once people realize the ease of these payments, they’ll never go back to Visa or MasterCard.”

It is commonplace to find vending machines that accept credit cards and debit cards now. Of course vending machines still accept cash as payment, and coins. As we progress as a society with different methods of payment, vending machines are adapting as well. Due to their incredible ease of use, and convenience, we are confident vending machines are here to stay. Perhaps we will see more and more vending machines accepting Bitcoin as payment systems continue to diversify and become competitive.

Backed by over 80 years of manufacturing and serving vending products, USelectIt currently stands as one of the most reliable names in the business. From snacks and sodas to lattes and cappuccinos, our vending machines for sale will leave an impression on your customers and keep them coming back. No matter what you would like to vend, we have an industry-leading machine for you.

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Update on GMO Labeling Reform


In July 2016 the U.S. House of Representatives passed the GMO labeling reform bill, a bill that would establish a mandatory national standard for GMO labeling, keeping states from issuing their own mandatory labeling laws. The bill was passed last week by the U.S. Senate, and will now be sent to the President for his signature.

If passed, the bill prevents states from issuing mandatory labeling laws for foods that contain genetically modified organisms, often called GMOs. The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, which passed 275-150, would instead create a federal standard for the voluntary labeling of foods with GMO ingredients.

Opponents have pushed back against the legislation, saying it will keep consumers from knowing what’s in their food and stop FDA from crafting a national GMO-labeling solution.

Proponents of the legislation, however, claim a patchwork of labeling laws at the state level would drive up food costs.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association said state-level GMO labeling mandates would increase grocery prices for a family of four by as much as $500 per year and cost food and beverage manufacturers millions of dollars to change food labels and supply chain systems. Democrats maintain that labeling would ensure transparency.

The House rejected two Democratic amendments to enhance GMO-labeling requirements. One would have banned the use of the term “natural” on food that contains a genetically engineered plant. The other would have forced any U.S. company that labels a product as containing GMOs in a foreign country to label the equivalent product the same way in the United States.

USI participated in this year’s NAMA FlyIn to represent the vending machine industry on the hill. Stay posted to our blog for more info on the upcoming reforms.

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U-Select-It and NAMA Take the Hill

We’re proud to be a sponsor for the 2016 NAMA Fly-In.


The NAMA Fly-In is open to all NAMA company member representatives, industry leaders, and customers who want to be an advocate for the industry.  The NAMA team will facilitate face-to-face meetings with your representatives, giving you the opportunity to tell them more about issues affecting your business. Attendees will meet in small groups with the Congressional Members or Congressional senior staff. Each group will be accompanied by a NAMA staff representative.

Join fellow business and industry leaders to bring the Voice of the Refreshment Services Industry to Members of Congress in Washington, D.C.  

There is no registration fee for attending the NAMA Fly-In.  However, your information is required to correctly schedule your congressional visits.  Please visit the registration tab or click here to register and attend!


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