Come to the NAMA D.C Fly-In!

Are you attending the NAMA DC Fly-In this July? Join business and industry leaders in Washington, D.C for two days to bring your voice to Congress! U-Select-It (USI) is proud to announce our participation as a sponsor of this event.

By attending, you can:

Watch this fun video to see first-hand testimonials about how NAMA affects the hundreds of people participating in this event!

Founded in 1936, NAMA is the association representing the $25 billion U.S. convenience services industry. With more than 1100 member companies – including many of the world’s most recognized brands – NAMA provides advocacy, education and research for its membership. Visit NAMA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can register for the Fly-In here. Hope to see you there!

Until next time,


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Happy Earth Day! Did you know about our GREEN initiatives?



APRIL 22, 2018


Mark your calendars – Earth Day is on April 22nd! Did you know about USI’s green initiatives? We have quite a few! Here at USI, we value our community and environment and want to make a conscious effort to be as socially responsible as possible in running our business. USI takes a proactive approach to our environmental responsibilities that shows in many corporate, design and production processes and initiatives.

Here’s a list of our commitments:

Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs

USI incorporates common sense recycling programs for its facilities including paper, aluminum, steel, plastic bottles and other recyclables. It’s really quite simple, but surprisingly it’s not as common sense as you might think for some companies!

Energy Reduction

In moving toward a more energy efficient facility, U-Select-It has implemented programs to transition to a lower energy office environment. PC’s, copy and print systems are changing over to high efficiency models and all computer monitors have been upgraded to lower energy consuming LCD models. Also, facility lighting is moving to higher efficiency lamps.

Green Commitment to Our Customers

USI products incorporate design features that take advantage of the latest production and component technologies in order to minimize environmental impact and increase product value.

Green Purchasing Policies

USI is committed to conducting our business in a way that least impacts the environment. We’re always looking for new and different ways to meet that commitment. We are proud to have supplier partners as interested in helping the environment as we are and work with them developing RoHS programs to restrict the use of certain hazardous materials including lead, cadmium and mercury.

Energy Efficient Designs

USI products are engineered to make use of the latest in electrical, lighting, refrigeration and communication technology making our products the most energy efficient and highest value products on the market. Products include energy saving features such as long life LED lighting; onboard power management controls enabling timed shut down of lighting and refrigeration; and fuel saving remote telemetry options for monitoring of inventory and service needs.

Green Painting Processes

Our state-of-the-art electrostatic paint system incorporates a multi-stage pre-wash process that recycles the water for multiple uses as well as electronically controlled spray system precisely controlling the amount of paint used on parts. The paint is applied in environmentally controlled booths that are 99.9% efficient in reclaiming unused paint and recycling it with new paint for coating of follow on parts.

Environmentally Friendly Foaming Process

Our new refrigerated and frozen vending equipment models use ecomate® blowing agent featuring zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and zero GWP (Global Warming Potential). It also is VOC exempt, meaning it does not contribute to smog.

Dedicated Refurbishing Center

USI is committed to sustainability and is able to efficiently and cost effectively extend the useful working life of vending equipment. We also provide a seamless solution to collection, recycling, treatment and disposal of end of life vending machines.

We are totally 100% committed to contributing positively to our employees, customers, community and environment. What are you going to do this Earth day to show gratitude to your community and environment? Comment below!

Until next time,





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Highlights from the NAMA Show 2018!


U-Select-It (USI) was a proud participant as a Silver Sponsor at The NAMA Show 2018! NAMA, the National Automatic Merchandising Association, is the national trade association for the entire convenience services industry, including the food and refreshment vending and coffee service and food service management industries.

During this industry-wide event at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 21-23, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with our customers and partners, and make new connections as well.


This year, we featured our new Evoke Snack 6 glass-front merchandiser at our Booth #1000, as well as in NAMA’s New Product Zone.


Ideal for high traffic, high volume locations, the Evoke Snack 6 enables operators to improve operational efficiency, drive bottom-line performance, and support business expansion.

How does Evoke Snack 6 stack-up to the competition?

More total product capacity

Larger product display window

Bigger user interface touchscreen

More vertical product space

Also, on display at The NAMA Show, we showcased our full-line of versatile, location driven equipment including the industry’s best refrigerated/frozen food merchandisers.  From the Alpine Elevator refrigerated food and cold drink merchandiser to our Geneva Coffee Vending Machine, USI is all about innovation!


We’re already looking forward to next year and we hope to see you there!

Until next time,



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Join Us at the NAMA OneShow 2018!


WHERE: The Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada – U-Select-It Booth 1000

WHEN: March 21st-23rd

WHY: Experience vending convenience with U-Select-It’s new Evoke Snack 6 merchandiser at The NAMA Show.  Plus, visit us at the show (Booth 1000) to learn about USI’s exclusive Show Floor Only specialo.

U-Select-It is pleased to announce that we will be attending the The NAMA Show this March in Las Vegas! We’ll be featuring our new Evoke Snack 6 merchandiser.. Evoke Snack 6 offers the same durability and quality that U-Select-It is known for – with a sleek new look!

How does Evoke Snack 6 stack up to the competition??

U-Select-It will also be showcasing our versatile product line at The NAMA Show from our Geneva Coffee Machine to the Alpine Combi 3000 to the Alpine 5000 Food Elevator merchandiser.  Some highlights include:


  • The industry’s best refrigerated/frozen food merchandisers.
  • The Alpine comes single temp and variable temp to offer maximum product variety within a single machine footprint.
  • Alpine Elevator utilizes a soft elevator delivery for food and beverages.


  • Simplistic design is easy to operate.
  • Machine’s small footprint is ideal for locations of all sizes.
  • Allows up to 36 beverage combinations to satisfy a variety of customer preferences.
  • High quality brewing system produces cafe style experience in every cup.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the show, and can’t wait to reveal everything U-Select-It has to offer! Stay tuned for more information as we draw closer to the show.

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The Single-Serve Coffee Merchandiser by USelectIt



Long gone are the days when paper filters and coffee pots were necessary to brew that steamy cup of joe. Today, the office single serve pod brewer is probably the hardest working employee in your firm! The rapid transition from traditional coffee brewing to single-cup, espresso-pod based coffee machines has been pretty drastic.


U-Select-It’s Geneva Coffee – Hot Beverage Vending Machine provides that delicious, hot fuel to offices everywhere, kickstarting productivity and saving you and your employees hundreds of dollars that would’ve gone straight to your local coffee shop’s register. And we are pleased to offer another avenue to provide energizing hot beverages to your employees – our CTop Single-Serve Coffee Merchandiser.


Our CTop Single-Serve Coffee Pod Merchandiser provides professional, secure dispensing of single serve coffee pods, including K-Cups®. With its simple, reliable, proven dispensing and payment systems, the CTop Single-Serve Coffee Pod Merchandiser is quick and easy to use. Plus, its small footprint allows placement on a standard 36″ countertop with 18″ cabinet-to-counter spacing.


Manufactured in the USA at our facility in Des Moines, Iowa, USI’ CTop Vending Machine has a 256 single serve coffee pod capacity with a glass front display for simple live menu changeability and LED lighting for optimal merchantability of product. And, with the iVend® guaranteed delivery system our CTop Single-Serve Coffee Pod Merchandiser ensures customers receive their pod selections every transaction or they receive their money back.


Are you interested in cementing your status as “Best Place to Work,” by catering to your employees’ needs and making their workplace the ideal environment for productivity?  With USI’s CTop Single-Serve Coffee Pod Merchandiser you will not only increase employee productivity, but will improve morale by making your employees’ lives better in a small but thoughtful way.


Get in touch with our team to learn more about our CTop Single-Serve Coffee Pod Merchandiser. Our customer support team is here to answer any questions and quote requests you may have!

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USelectIt is ADA Compliant


USelectIt is proud to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Every machine we produce is fully up to standard with the guidelines set forth by the Department of Justice.


The ADA Standards for Accessible Design were established in September 2010. These standards ensure that all electronics and information technology machinery must be accessible to people with disabilities. Practically speaking, this means that all of our vending machines are easily accessible to people with mobile disabilities, such as those who are wheelchair bound.


There are no “watchdogs” from the DOJ to ensure these standards are being enforced in our industry, USelectIt, as a socially responsible and sustainable company, choose to be compliant as a matter of moral imperative and customer service.


For industries such as hospitals, hotels, and schools, non-ADA compliance can lead to government interference and lawsuits. For private service industries, the risks of non-compliance reflect in customer satisfaction and social sustainability. But not catering our products to those who fall within ADA standards, we limit our product reach and accessibility to a wide, diverse customer base.


Alternative vending companies, who often boast impossibly low prices and “get-rich-quick” vending partnerships, are rarely ADA-compliant. Ask your vending provider about their status. Or visit the DOJ’s A.D.A. compliance site to learn more.

USelectIt is proud to be ADA Compliant and looks forward to serving the disabled community with dignity, accessibility, and quality for years to come. Visit to learn more about our vending services.

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The Top 10 Features of the Evoke Snack 6

Our all-new, Evoke Snack 6 snack and food vending machine is already making waves in the vending machine industry. We’re proud to reveal the full scope of it’s innovative features with YOU, our dedicated customers and readers. Here are our Top Ten Features of the Evoke Snack 6 vending machine.

  1. More total product capacity: that means more products to sell and more profits!
  2. Larger product display window: catch more eyes and make more sales.
  3. Bigger user interface touch screen: submitting your choice of snack has never been easier or more pleasant.
  4. Ergonomic 10° recessed user interface: just another way to make customers’ lives easier and happier.
  5. PayRange capacity: this feature allows customers to pay with their phones, a must in our mobile-first society
  6. Fewer operator visits: the machine requires less maintenance and boasts an intuitive operating system, so you incur fewer operational bills.
  7. Optimal for high-traffic locations: the combination of an easy interface, great product selection, and large, attractive display makes this machine ideal for busy spaces
  8. 100% brighter LED lighting: this machine is a true stand-out, day or night!
  9. Payment system versatility: treat your customers royally by allowing several payment options. No need to fish around in your pockets for change!
  10. iVend Guaranteed delivery system: end the unnecessary headaches and potential dangers of tipped vending machines by ensuring that all products are successfully vended, discouraging customer meddling.

Want to learn about additional features of the incredible Evoke Snack 6 vending machine? Yes, there’s MORE! Visit our site to discover the full power of the machine, then feel free to get in touch with our team for questions and quote inquiries.

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Yes, you CAN afford a high-quality vending machine! Learn how:

At U-Select-It, we are proud to offer the highest quality vending machines on the market, and we want every vending operatortto experience the U-Select-It difference. There’s a widespread misconception that growing your vending business is simply out of financial reach for the small to medium sized vending operator. We’re here to show you that isn’t true! Whether you’re looking to replace out-dated equipment or expanding your fleet of equipment to offer the latest in technology and styling, , there’s no need to let finances get in your way.

We understand that every one of our valued customers financing needs are different. Therefore, U-Select-It is pleased to offer a variety of payment plans and financing options for our customers. Upfront payments are always accepted, and financing payment programs are accepted for terms up to 48 months. Through our in-house financing company, our financing programs can be crafted to compliment your vending machine revenues so you can turn a profit right away! By utilizing our easy credit approval process, as well as our automatic payment options, you add our profit-generating, user-friendly, and stylish equipment to your fleet within days!

In addition to our competitive financing programs, there’s another key difference in the U-Select-It experience: our impeccable support. Through our parts and service division, VendNet, we provide technical and financing support every step of the way. Hop on a phone call with our support staff for quick answers and/or general information. If you’re looking for full technical support on your machine(s), our network of service technicians all across the U.S. are ready to lend you a hand! As industry veterans and enthusiasts, we want to enjoy your machine – and the process – as much as possible, so we’re here for you whenever you need us.

To recap, here’s a summary of the financing options we offer:

Want to learn more? Visit this page.


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Conserve Energy with a Combo Vending Machine


Why not have the best of both worlds? USI offers a unique selection of combination vending machines that can vend both snack and drinks. By combining the value of two machines into one, you conserve floor space, electrical energy, and servicing fees. Our unique combo vending machines offer temperature-varying technology, ensuring your offerings stay fresh and ready for purchase.

Our Alpine collection features sleek, cutting-edge machines that do double-duty, dispensing a variety of treats for your customers and employees.  The Alpine VT machines feature two separate temperature areas, allowing you to keep your drink selection icy cold while making sure your chips and cookies remain at a normal room temperature.  Plus, the iVend guaranteed delivery sensor system does not register a sale until the product passes through a series of infrared lights. No more pounding on the machine to get your snacks.

USI’s Alpine series includes the Alpine VT5000, Alpine VT5000 Outdoor, Alpine VT3000 and our popular Alpine Elevator.  The Alpine 5000 Elevator is the latest version of USI’s class leading glass front food and beverage vending machine designed to gently serve a wider variety of prepackaged meals, sandwiches, salads, dairy, fresh fruit and beverages.  

Elevate your sales by choosing USI’s Alpine Elevator over a shopper machine…

Plus, through its affiliate companies, USI offers many unique benefits to customers including:

Discover the difference a combo machine will make for your business. Get in touch with a USI representative to learn more about these incredible machines, or visit this page to learn more.

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10 Must-Have Snacks in Your Vending Machines

Americans sure like snack foods! Snack vending machines are wildly popular throughout the 50 states because the convenience of delicious snack foods at great prices is an unbeatable combination. When you purchase a vending machine, you should do some research into what items to stock in your machine. How do you conduct this research?

Take a look at those who populate the area you’d like to install the machine. If you’re a medical facility, perhaps people are looking for healthier options, and/or sugar-rush inducing options. Ask your employees/patrons what they’d like to see. If you’re still unsure about what to stock in the machine, take a look at our Top 10 Must-Have Snacks for some inspiration:

10: Crackers (cheese, peanut butter, etc. )

9: Bars (nut bars, granola bars, nutrition bars etc. )

8: Cookies (sugar cookies, chocolate chip, Oreos™, etc. )

7: Nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.)

6: Breath mints (gum, sucking candies, etc.)

5: Chips (wavy, barbeque, Pringles™, etc.)

4: Gum (fruity, cinnamon, long-lasting, etc.)

3: Chocolate (Hershey™, Mars™, etc.)

2: Pretzels (salted, mini, etc.)

1: Candy – from Mike and Ikes™ to Starbursts™, and anything in between, candy is always a must-have in every machine.

If you have any questions about stocking your vending machine, get in touch with one of our representatives! We’d love to help make this process as smooth as possible. Still looking for the perfect snack machine? We’ve got you covered. Visit our site and browse our amazing vending machines for sale.


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