Micro Markets–Micro Profits?


Micro markets have been the buzzword of the year in vending and small business circles. They offer many conveniences over traditional storefronts, to be sure, as well as the shiny veneer of any new sales modality. However, does the operational reality actually reflect the tremendous profitability that has been touted? U-Select-It looks at the facts.

The truth is that, like any business, micro markets come with their own set of hidden costs. These unexpected costs eat away at profits, turning what seemed like a golden opportunity into a money pit.

In the end, micro markets have their own advantages. For most owners, however, those advantages are far outweighed by the higher operating costs and lower profits when compared to traditional vending options from an established and successful vending machine distributor like U-Select-It.

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Posted on: Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at 11:14 pm

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